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In this edition of the newsletter:
  1. $3,000 Rake Race at Cake Poker
  2. $5,000 Rake Race at Full Tilt Poker
  3. Win a Sony Playstation 3
  4. Aced Poker Flip Mino February Winners
  5. Rakeback Resource Updates
  6. March Madness at Fortune Poker
  7. Thanks...

1: $3,000 Rake Race at Cake Poker

Cake Poker is one of our most popular poker rooms. A 100% to $500 bonus, 33% rakeback, a solid rewards program and arguably the fishiest site for US players. We've made playing there even more appealing, as we are now running rake races at Cake Poker.

In the month of March, be one of the top 20 raking players and you can win a share of $3,000 with a top prize of $750. And as of this writing, all you would need is to earn over $51 in rake to be among the top 20 on the leaderboard.

This is for all new and existing players. You can see the leaderboard by logging in at Rakeback Resource, and if you don't have an account at Cake Poker now is a great time to do that - sign up for Cake Poker Rakeback today!

2: $5,000 Rake Race at Full Tilt Poker

At Full Tilt Poker this month, we are running a $5,000 rake race with the top 20 raking players getting an extra payment for the month of March. The prize amounts in this rake race are huge, with the top 3 players earning four figures just for playing poker at Full Tilt in the month of March.

Even if you're not a high limit player or don't play many tables, you still have an excellent chance at earning a bit extra this month, because at this stage a rakeback payment of $31.50 would put you in the top 20, to share in the $5,000 prize.

You can see the leaderboard as well as check your daily updated rakeback statistics by logging into Rakeback Resource, and if you don't have an account yet sign up for Full Tilt Rakeback here.

3: Win a Sony Playstation 3

We've already given away 1 Playstation 3 this month(see the 'Thanks...' section) and we want to give away another, and winning it couldn't be simpler, and US players are able to participate in this awesome contest.

Aced Poker currently has a 100% to $500 signup bonus. We are going to give a Sony Playstation 3 to the first person to clear the bonus! We'll make sure to do a bundle pack so you get some kickass games too. All you have to do is visit our Aced Poker Rakeback page, sign up with Aced, deposit the maximum $500 for the bonus, and start playing! We'll monitor it from our end, but when you clear the bonus send us an e-mail anyway. We'll announce it on the site when someone has cleared the bonus, and we have an updated leaderboard.

So far no-one is even close to clearing it, so win yourself a PS3 by signing up at Aced today.

4: Aced Poker Flip Mino February Winners

We've given away quite a lot of awesome things at Rakeback Resource, but one of our most popular gifts was the Flip Mino HD Camcorder. These things are sick, so easy to use and smaller than the average cellphone. We ran a contest at Aced Poker for the month of February for these Flip Minos, and we're pleased to announce the 5 winners are:
  • 9bigblinds
  • AARena
  • ampaholic
  • vintone
  • waynethech
Winners: please e-mail me at admin@rakebackresource.com with your mailing address. Otherwise I'll contact you separately within the next 24 hours.

5: Rakeback Resource Updates

It's been a busy month at Rakeback Resource already. We added the Full Tilt and Cake Poker rake race leaderboards, as well as made many changes in the backend. In the month of March, we will be adding the ability to check Fortune Poker rakeback, as well as updating the members area to make it a lot easier to navigate, check your statistics etc.

We are also adding the ability to see more detailed Full Tilt rakeback statistics. One question we get often from you guys is in regard to how much was deducted for fees, or for bonuses etc. This week you will be able to see all this data and much more in your Full Tilt report section.

We will also be adding at least one new poker room this month with an awesome rakeback deal. If there are any rooms you want to play at that we don't have listed, e-mail us at admin@rakebackresource.com and we'll do what we can to get you rakeback there. Any other feedback is always encouraged, and appreciated.

6: March Madness at Fortune Poker

Our friends over at Fortune Poker have some incredible specials for the month of March. The "March Madness" title may be a bit played out, but you'll forgive them after seeing the promos they are running for March. They include:
  • 10,000 Freeroll exclusive to Fortune Poker players.
  • 10,000 giveaway in prizes, with 10 Nintendo Wiis, 10 PSPs, 10 Flip Mino Camcorders and 10 PS3s up for grabs.
Some seriously sick deals, and they always have other promos running too. So if you're outside of the US, do yourself a favour and get yourself some Fortune Poker rakeback and go win yourself some awesome gifts and cash prizes in the process.

7: Thanks...

I want to thank everyone who participated in our promotions at Cellsino Poker in February. On top of the 50% rakeback, we ran two $500 freerolls there, and had a great turnout. Congrats to Balthasar and WiLDSeXYGiRL who won the freerolls.

Also a very special congrats to player Edbard. We had a promotion where if you finished top 3 in both tournaments, you won a Sony Playstation 3. Well Edbard finished 3rd in one.......and 4th in the other! As if that wasn't a bad enough beat, he also could have sat out at the table he was at where he finished 4th, as there was a disconnected player(who had left for work). After this great promo and this great turnout however, we couldn't end on a sour note, so we bought Edbard a PS3 anyway. So if you don't see him at the tables anytime soon, it's because he's rocking out to Killzone 2 and Little Big Planet. Congrats Edbard!

If you missed out on the 50% rakeback deal at Cellsino(as Everleaf started a 40% network cap as of March 1), you can still sign up for 40% rakeback - AND get a signup bonus which results in an extra 10% rakeback for the length of the bonus. We're not sure how long we will be able to offer this, so take advantage of it today.

Finally - any sports betters in the crowd, a cheap plug for myself. I do computer generated NBA picks, am 133-88 this season and currently 13-1 in the month of March. You can follow these free picks at NBATips.net, and make sure you grab yourself some Bodog Rakeback first to make it that bit sweeter!

If you have any questions or comments you can always contact me. Just e-mail admin@rakebackresource.com.

Thanks guys,

We prefer contact via e-mail and will respond to any queries quickly, however if you have any urgent issues or questions before signing up, you can contact us via instant messenger via any of the protocols below: